Christian Nudist Resort

Down in Florida (where else) there’s a guy spending millions of dollars to build a camp for Christian nudists.  As described in a London Times article the 200-acre resort, named Natura, will feature 50 houses built around a non-denominational church (services will be clothing-optional), a hotel, a campsite and a children’s water park.

The founder of Natura is a 67-year-old Quaker named Bill Martin who made his money building retirement homes in Washington.  He’s managed to tick off the religious fundamentalists and other nudists which has to be some sort of record.  He also owns and runs the Naturist Christians website, which supposedly has 19,000 registered users and averages 35,000 hits a day.  Quite frankly this just boggles my mind.

Personally I have no qualms about a bunch of adults cavorting around in their birthday suits, but I can’t see having kids involved. To be clear here, there seems to be a lot of family oriented naturalist sites out there, so these guys are breaking any new nudist grounds on that front.  Apparently the big deal isn’t running around naked with kids, the big deal is going to church naked with or without kids.

As for sitting in church naked I would hope that they have bottles of Lysol at the end of each pew, for obvious reasons. And doesn’t this whole scenario sound like one of those bad dreams like wearing your pajamas to school, but way worse?  And I don’t know about you, but I find listening to the average sermon hard enough without other, uh, distractions.

And here I thought people playing guitars and bongos in church was a radical concept.

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