Reading List October 14, 2005

  • CNN Seeks Blog Guru to Work with Blitzer (Micro Persuasion) – Everything about this potential gig sounds interesting, and I was seriously considering it until I read the part that says the blog guru will be working out of the DC bureau.  I just escaped D.C. and there’s no way I’m going back, even if it was working with a short guy named Wolf.
  • Grassroots Journalism: Actual Content vs. Shining Ideal (Online Journalism Review) – A review of "10 citizen journalism sites" including
  • Why Google Wants AOL (Business 2.0) – It’s all about IM, installed user-base, protecting search territory, and…oh hell, just go read it.
  • Getting Flat, Part 1 (Linux Journal) – Doc Searls looks at Tom Friedman’s "The World is Flat" from the open-source software point of view.
  • Getting Flat, Part 2 (Linux Journal) – A must read.  Doc continues what he started in Part 1, and here’s just one of many good excerpts I could pull: "I can save Microsoft a pile of time and money by reporting a fact no school wants to admit, one that will
    flatten the world far more than any other factor: pretty much everybody is smart. What’s more, they’re all
    smart in their own ways."
  • For Future Journalists, It’s Cash, Not Causes (Cleveland Plains Dealer) – An opinion piece on the shocking news that today’s journalism want to make real money.
  • "Journalists Have to Get Smarter About Business" (Manship School of Mass Communication) – In a speech Peter Copeland, Editor and GM of Scripps Howard News Service, says that journalists have to get better at business in order to survive and thrive.
  • The Open Source Business Model (Moore’s Lore) – Dana posits that it isn’t enough to provide relevant space to advertisers, you also have to show them how to communicate with your audience. He says a lot more than that, but you get the gist.

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