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For You Wake Hoops Fans

Remember how bad you felt when Wake lost to William & Mary?  Well, this might help you feel a little better.  The current RPI rankings have William & Mary at #2 in the country behind only West Virginia. Wake is ranked 29 and Duke, at #3 is the only ACC team with a higher RPI.

As a George Mason alum I'm intrigued that the CAA has three teams in the top 40: William & Mary at #2, Virginia Commonwealth at #14 and Old Dominion at #39.  The ACC only has Duke and Wake in the top 40, but it has NC (49), Clemson (50) and Florida State (51) just below.  Sadly my alma mater, the boys who were seconds away from beating Villanova (15) at the beginning of the year and played Georgia Tech (65) tough, yet managed to recently lose to Radford (89) by 27 points, is ranked #131.