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According to the Biggest Loser Winston-Salem is Profane

So I decided to try and motivate myself to lose a few pounds by signing up for the The Biggest Loser's Pound for Pound Challenge.  The Challenge pushes you to lose weight while also helping your local food bank, which in our case is Second Harvest Food Bank.  So I input all my info on the registration page of the website and found that it wouldn't accept my registration, not because I forgot to fill something out but because it seems to think that something about Winston-Salem is profane.  Check out this screenshot (click on it to enlarge):

See how they politely ask for "No Profanity in Team City please"? Go figure.

So my team is now officially located in Lewisville.  If you'd like to join and pledge to lose some weight while benefiting Second Harvest just go to www.pfpchallenge.com and sign up. You can do it individually or as a team; if you'd like to join my team the name is Lewisville Designated Losers.  Let me know if you run into problems by leaving me a comment on this post and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.