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Who Are These People?

Ever wonder who the people are that leave lots of comments on local news websites?  The folks at the Las Vegas Sun obviously did because they profiled four of their more prolific commenters.

I'm wary to suggest the same type of project for our local news sites, because quite honestly many of their commenters flat out scare me. Still, if they were to profile some of their commenters here are some questions I'd like them to ask:

  • Were you absent that day in fourth grade when they went over the difference between there, their and they're?
  • Were you absent the day they went over the difference between lose and loose?
  • Did you know that insulting subjects of an article, or other commenters, while hiding behind an alias is the definition of a coward? Aliases are for people who are doing courageous things, like blowing the whistle on corrupt politicians. I understand if you want to use an alias due to concerns like people at work seeing what you write, but don't use that as a shield to throw personal bombs at others.
  • Did you know that invoking Hitler in an argument makes you the loser of said argument by default?
  • Are you aware that the statement "we Americans are guaranteed freedom of religion, not freedom from religion" is nonsense?

and finally

  • Did you know that when you're leaving a comment on a story you're not blogging, you're commenting?  Blogging requires setting up a blog, writing something on your blog, having people write a comment on your blog and then replying to those comments.  Go ahead and try it, you might like it.