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Triad Moms on Main

Last week I wrote about local mommy-blog Triad Smarty Pants biting the dust.  Some commenters pointed out that the local writers for Triad Smarty Pants and flown the coop and were building their own site.  Not long after writing that post I heard from Katie Moosbrugger, one of the folks behind the new site Triad Moms on Main, who wanted me to know about their new site. Now that I've survived my daughter's BirthdayPalooza (she turned 17 on Saturday) I decided to check it out.  Obviously I'm not really part of their core demographic, as evidenced by an article titled "Got a Ladystache?" that I found during my highly random search of the site, but I will offer a limited opinion anyway: the site is very well designed and informative.  In simpler terms, if I were a mommy in the Triad this would be my main online destination.

Best of luck to Katie and the rest of the folks over at T-MOM. Now I'm gonna see what I can do about that 'stache.

Local Mommy Blog Bites the Dust

The Triad Smarty Pants blog is going dark.  The announcement today:

Hi Smarties,

I'm sad to say that today is our official last post in the Triad. We've really enjoyed delivering all the Smarty Scoop for you for two years and appreciate the support each and every one of you has given us every single day! However, due to some recent changes in the direction of our brand and business, we deemed it necessary to discontinue the TSP site for now. 

We wish you the best of luck with your journey through this crazy little thing called mommyhood and stay Smarty!

Come visit us in Charlotte any time - www.charlottesmartypants.com!

Jen Plym
Chief Founding Mommy

I wasn't exactly an avid follower since I'm neither a mom or particularly smart, but I kept an eye on the blog because I'm interested to see how "new media" fares locally.  For that reason I'm sorry to see them throw in the towel in the Triad, but hopefully they'll thrive in Charlotte.