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When the Poop Really Flies in Washington

This story of exploding toilets that injured two GSA employees in Washington is perfect on so many metaphorical levels that I just can't think of anything to add:

As Supervisory Property Manager Chris Litsey tells it, he responded to an emergency call from a restroom to find a nurse on the scene treating someone injured “by the fragment of a broken toilet bowl.”

“People on site told us that the toilet ‘exploded,’” the manager wrote. “We found at the time that the waterlines to toilets in that restroom were dry and flushing the toilets created a loud and startling sound, and also ejected the remaining water from the bowl.”

As the manager finished surveying the scene, another call came in for a person injured by a toilet on a separate floor. Litsey put out an announcement that the restrooms had closed and purged the system of compressed air that had been flowing into the building’s water tank.

Several other toilets were found damaged while Litsey and staff corrected the issues. The next day, as news reports circulated, Litsey’s theory was that someone had turned the compressor on manually and “left it unattended.”