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The Ultimate Water Cooler

An interesting quote from the editor of Details in an interview about what he reads:

Once I get into the office and turn on my computer, I actually go to Twitter first thing. I'm not terribly prolific, but I like to see what’s trending. If you go to CNN.com, or any news outlet, they’re controlling what you’re seeing. On Twitter, it’s a worldwide list of what’s trending, and that’s interesting. I hunt and peck by subject—I don’t follow that many people—you can do it sort of mindlessly. If I see a name or subject, I'm curious as to why it's trending, and it’s a guessing game I play with myself before I click through to see what it is. It represents the ultimate water cooler: anything from a sports figure to a political figure to a celebrity to a cause to "I’m a Belieber," whatever it is. That's my first conversation of the day, eavesdropping on this great global discussion.