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The Agony of Dafeet

As I've written about in years past the organization I work for, Piedmont Triad Apartment Association, does an annual food drive for Second Harvest Food Bank of NWNC.  One of the cool developments over the last couple of years is the development of other fundraisers tied to ours and a perfect example is Matt's Run to Fight Hunger.

One of our board members, Matt Ketterman, has a running streak of running at least one mile every day for over 22 years. That's 8,030 straight days for those of you who are counting.  A couple of years ago to celebrate his streak hitting 20 years Matt started his run to fight hunger with the help of Off 'n Running in Greensboro, NC. The concept was simple: bring a food or cash donation as your entry "fee" to the the run and then run a 5 or 10k with a bunch of like-minded runners.  The run was a big success so Matt did it again last year and this year he really ramped it up and decided to set a goal of raising one dollar for every mile of his streak, or $8,030. 

This year's run happened on the morning of July 6 and Matt had over 200 runners show up and he raised more than his $8,030 goal. Below is the Fox8 story about the run (you can see yours truly really suffering through the last part of the 10k at about the 1:55 point of the story) and although they say the run raised $7,000 that was just the morning of the race: donations continue to come in even as I type this.

FYI, PTAA will be sponsoring the annual Fill the Stands With Cans effort for Second Harvest this Friday (July 19) at the Greensboro Grasshoppers game and next Friday (July 26) at the Winston-Salem Dash game. If you bring a food or cash donation to the game you'll automatically be entered for a prize drawing. Hope to see you there!

A Face for Radio

Apparently I've picked up a second chin in my travels.  In other news we had great weather for PTAA's "Fill the Stands with Cans" event at the NewBridge Bank Ballpark in Greensboro last Friday (July 15) and we were able to collect a LOT of food and cash for Second Harvest.  This event was just one part of our annual food drive and we're still working hard to gather donations, so if you'd like to donate please feel free to drop donations off at any of the locations listed on our food drive website or give us a shout at (336) 294-4428 or email me at jon AT piedmonttaa.org and we'll hook you up.


Great Reason to Attend the Dash Game Friday Evening (July 8)

If you happen to be awake from 5:30 – 7:00 tomorrow (Friday, July 8) morning you might want to tune in to watch WXII's morning show.  Yours truly will likely be at the Dash stadium with Bolt, some folks from the Dash and Second Harvest, and one of the WXII-ers to promote the 2nd Annual "Fill the Stands with Cans" which is part of Piedmont Triad Apartment Association's annual food drive to benefit Second Harvest.  Here are the details for those of you who may not be awake at that crazy hour:

  • We'll be set up outside Dash stadium before the game tomorrow night collecting food and cash donations for Second Harvest.
  • Anyone who brings a donation will get a free Dash hat.
  • If you can't make it to the game but want to make a donation you can visit any one of the drop off locations listed on the PTAA Food Drive website
  • We're doing the same thing Friday of next week (July 15) at the Greensboro Grasshoppers game.
  • I can't thank the Dash, the Grasshoppers, WXII and Lowes Foods enough for once again partnering with us to put on this great event for Second Harvest. And I'd be totally remiss if I didn't thank Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines and Greensboro Mayor Bill Knight for shooting the promos for us for the second straight year.  Thanks everyone!
  • Last, but definitely not least, thanks to all the PTAA-member communities that are participating in the Food Drive and all the PTAA Vendor Partners who have made it all possible.  You guys rock!

Hope to see you tomorrow night.  If you plan on attending the game please do stop by and say hello.

Food Fight Between Winston-Salem and Greensboro

Here's the deal: the organization I work for (Triad Apartment Association) has kicked off its annual food drive for Second Harvest Food Bank of NW NC.  For the past several years we've hosted an event at a Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball game and invited the public to bring cans of food to contribute to Second Harvest.  This year we've stepped it up and are hosting an event at the Winston-Salem Dash game on July 12 and the Greensboro Grasshoppers game on July 14 and we're holding a contest to see which game will raise more food/money for Second Harvest.

As part of our efforts WXII has agreed to partner with us and both Mayor Joines (W-S) and Mayor Knight (GSO) have filmed public service messages that will run on WXII as part of our efforts.  Obviously we're most thankful to the mayors, the Dash, the Grasshopper and WXII for working with us on this effort.

If you'd like to participate you can do so in several ways:

  • Attend one of the games and bring food or financial donations ($1 = 12 cans of food)
  • Drop off cans of food at one of our participating apartment communities (see the map below, or the list on the TAA website).
  • If you'd like to mail in a donation you can send it to TAA at 3407 West Wendover Ave., Suite E, Greensboro NC 27407. Checks should be made out to Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC
  • An added bonus: if you want to donate a couple of bucks just write "Shave Jon's Head" in the memo field of any check, or on a cover note with the donation, and if we get $1,000 with that note then I'll have my head shaved.

I hope to see you all at one of the ballgames!

Winston-Salem/Kernersville Drop Off Locations

View 2010 TAA Food Drive W-S Drop Off Locations in a larger map

Greensboro/High Point Drop Off Locations

Want to Force Me and Kenny Beck to Shave Our Heads?

Anyone who's been watching WXII this week knows that they're making a serious push to raise food for Second Harvest so that kids won't go hungry this summer.  One of their morning show members, Kenny Beck, has been doing goofy stuff like the chicken dance in exchange for financial donations.  I asked him via Twitter what it would take to get him to shave his head and he said $1,000. When I indicated I might be serious he said he was too, and we agreed to a low setting on the clippers (not bald, but pretty short).

This dovetails nicely with the food drive that my office is doing for Second Harvest and I thought that if Mr. Beck has the guts to do it, then so should I. So here's the deal:

  • If you want to donate to Second Harvest please contact me via email at jon.lowder AT gmail.com and coordinate the donation with me.  Once we amass $1,000 I'll arrange to get it to Kenny and we'll get his head shaved.
  • Once we pass the $1,000 mark for donations I'll start adding to the tally for TAA's food drive.  If you tell me you're donating in hopes of getting me to shave my head then once we reach another $1,000 I'll get my head shaved too (most likely a high and tight like the Marines). I'll post pictures on this blog, my Facebook profile, Twitter, and anywhere else. It won't be pretty, but it's for a good cause. BONUS FEATURE: The largest single donor actually gets to do the hair cutting on me (can't offer that up for Kenny).

So that's it.  If you want to see Kenny Beck and me get our heads shaved then email me at jon.lowder AT gmail.com, or call me at (336) 899-0238 to arrange donations. You can also simply mail a check made out to Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina and write "Make Kenny and Jon Shave Their Heads" in the memo field and mail it to me at:

Triad Apartment Association/Attn. Jon Lowder
3407 West Wendover Ave., Suite E
Greensboro, NC 27407

Of course you can mail it directly to the Food Bank, but if you want it to be counted towards our impending baldness you need to send it to me so I can keep track of our progress.

Also, I've also set up my very first Facebook group for the cause. If you visit it you can see one of the worst pictures ever taken of me Photoshop'd to show me bald.  Like I said, it's gonna be ugly.