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Five Fact Friday #15

Five random facts for Friday:

As many as 1 billion wild animals are killed by vehicles each year, about 200 million creatures’ lives would be spared annually. – Washington Post

Compared with teetotalers, those with “moderate” drinking habits – classified as up to eight drinks a week for women and fewer than 15 for men – had higher cognition scores in all three areas. They also had significantly lower rates of mental decline. The Week

63% of small business owners say less than 75% of their revenue before the pandemic started has returned. – Axios

Some rats that miss feasting on the scraps are becoming increasingly brazen to find new food sources. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been increased reports of rat cannibalism and infanticide in New York, as well as more rat complaints in residential areas — including in Chicago — as humans produce more food waste at home. – Washington Post

Annual healthcare spending in the US (2018) is $8,949 per capita; military spending is $1,985 per capita- Visual Capitalist


Why I Should Have a Cold One BEFORE I Play Tennis

Just about every Tuesday evening I play tennis with a group of guys for a couple of hours before we head to a local bar for a couple of beers. After reading this item on Freakonomics I'm thinking we should reverse that order:

The key finding of the new research is that the intoxicated participants solved more items on the Remote Associates Test compared with the control participants (they solved 58 per cent of 15 items on average vs. 42 per cent average success achieved by controls), and they tended to solve the items more quickly (11.54 seconds per item vs. 15.24 seconds). Moreover, the intoxicated participants tended to rate their experience of problem solving as more insightful, like an Aha! moment, and less analytic. They also performed worse on a working memory test, as you might expect. 

In the past I've found that if I happened to have a drink before playing – say on a Saturday after mowing the lawn I had a cold beer and then headed out to play a couple of sets of tennis – I'm generally much more relaxed and play much better. As a good friend once told me, my brain is my worst enemy on the tennis court, so maybe there's something to this concept. I'll run a little experiment and let you know how it goes.


Of Mice (and Fruit Flies) and Men

As most women figured out long ago, men are no better than your average mouse or fruit fly:

Male fruit flies that have been rejected by females drink significantly more alcohol than those that have mated freely, scientists say…

The connection between alcohol and this chemical, which in humans is known as neuropeptide Y, has already been noted in studies involving hard-drinking mice.

Yet one scientist insists on raining on my "men or no better than fruit flies" parade:

However, in an accompanying article in Science, Troy Zars of the University of Missouri wrote that "anthropomorphising the results from flies is difficult to suppress, but the relevance to human behaviour is obviously not yet established".

Party pooper.