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The $9 Million (Other) Woman

Did you know that in North Carolina you can sue the other woman (or man) if your spouse is cheating on you?  Believe it or not you can, and it can even work.  A woman just won a $9 million verdict against the younger woman with whom her husband was fooling around.  From the story:

On Tuesday , a jury awarded Cynthia Shackelford  money for alienation of affections, criminal conversation (legal speak for adultery) and intentionally or recklessly causing severe emotional distress.

North Carolina remains one of a few states that allow someone to sue the person who interferes in a marriage — called alienation of affection. More than 200  such cases are filed statewide in an average year, according to the Rosen  law firm in Raleigh.

Shackelford, 60 , now of Raleigh , sued Lundquist in 2007 , charging that the younger woman’s affair with her husband ruined their marriage.