Five Fact Friday #9

Five random facts for Friday:

At 5’4″ James Madison was the shortest US President. – Wikipedia

The shortest land border between two sovereign states is a two kilometer stretch between Botswana and Zambia- GeoCurrents

3.7 million students are expected to graduate from high school during the 2019-20 school year. 3.3 million from public schools and .3 million from private schools.  – National Center for Education Statistics

The lowest daily total traveler throughput recorded by TSA during the COVID-19 crisis (so far) was 87,534 on April 14, 2020. By comparison the throughput on the same day in 2019 was 2,208,688.- TSA

It takes about 2.6 pounds of grapes to make a bottle of wine, which means there are about 736 grapes in a bottle of wine, or about 164 grapes per glass. – The Backlabel


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