WFMY Story About My Goofy Stunts for Second Harvest

Yesterday I was interviewed by WFMY about some of the stunts I’ve pulled as part of my employer’s annual food drive for Second Harvest. It was a fun interview and I have to say I think the reporter, Laura Brache, who is a Parkland HS grad from here in Winston-Salem and is just one year out of J-school at UNC, has a very bright future. I say that not just because she was nice to me, but because she was truly professional, well-prepared, shot the video herself, wrote the story in English and Spanish, and got it all put together in a very short amount of time while also doing whatever other stories she had on her plate. Nothing easy about the job, but she made it look that way from where I was sitting.

For those who don’t want to click the link, here’s a pretty crappy copy from my phone:

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