Hunger Fact About Food Waste; Walks Move from Zion National Park to San Diego for Apartmentalize; Support from Blue Ridge Companies

Hunger Fact of the Day:

40% of food produced in the United States goes to waste. Source

The week’s sponsor:

BRC logo

Blue Ridge Companies truly sets a high standard with it comes to corporate social responsibility. Without much fanfare, they support an array of charitable groups and causes in communities throughout this region and the country.  In addition to their incredible, long-term support of Second Harvest Food Bank of NWNC every year, they also do an amazing job of supporting Toys for Tots, and for stepping up to support almost any community service project you can think of.  They’ve won the Piedmont Triad Apartment Association’s Owners Cup Challenge – a competition between management companies to see which can raise the most food/money during its annual food drive – that at one point we joked about renaming it the Blue Ridge Cup.

Blue Ridge has also stepped up to the plate to support all of my stunts meant to raise funds during PTAA’s Annual Food Drive. It began with a jump into one of their community pools wearing nothing but a bathing suit, high heels, a pink tutu, a tiara and their slogan painted on my back. From there it progressed to a dance video (that hopefully will never be seen again) and now includes this walk.

They donated enough for a week’s worth of sponsorship and requested the week that I would be in San Diego for the National Apartment Association’s #Apartmentalize Conference. The week began last Sunday (June 10) in Zion National Park in Utah, then on Monday, I flew to San Diego and spent the rest of the week in San Diego before heading home late Saturday (June 16).

Much thanks to everyone at Blue Ridge for their always-awesome support!


Activity Days 41 – 47: An incredible week that began with a day of hiking in the unbelievably spectacular Zion National Park in Utah on Sunday. Then I flew to San Diego to spend the week attending the Apartmentalize Conference, and as you likely know “conferencing” includes lots of walking!

Miles walked/run: 36.12 miles. Here’s a collage of screenshots from my FitBit for the week:

20180618_163943-COLLAGE (1)

Miles remaining in the challenge: 120.90


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