Number of Kids Who Qualify for Free/Reduced Meal Program in Schools and Thanks, Crescent Rotary!


Hunger Fact of the Day:

More than 180,000 children in public schools qualify to participate in the free/reduced school meal program.

Today’s sponsor:

Crescent Rotary Club. I’m a member of Crescent Rotary Club in Greensboro which does a tremendous amount of work to support the local community. Each year the club’s foundation allocates thousands of dollars to local organizations, including food programs, and our club members volunteer for numerous projects throughout the year. Those projects include serving meals at Potter’s House and supporting the Community Cupboard at East Market Street Seventh Day Adventist Church in Greensboro (pics of that are at the bottom of this post).

Activity Day 36: It ends up that Day 35 took a toll because I didn’t realize I had a hole in one of my socks and that led to me developing a very nice, large blister on the pad of my right foot. So this day was mostly about nursing the foot and the walking I did get in was preparing for our trip out west that begins this coming Friday.

Miles walked/run: 2.13 miles. Here’s the screenshot from my FitBit:


Miles remaining in challenge: 179.47.

Want to donate to support Second Harvest? It’s easy to do right here!


Here are some pictures of Crescent Rotary in action at the Community Cupboard a week after a tornado struck that part of Greensboro.

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