Terrible Tennis and Neighborhood Delivery

Activity Day 20: Played my first competitive singles match, as in a league match, for the first time in forever and it didn’t go well. I was supposed to play doubles, but we had a no-show so singles it was. It was hot as blazes and I stunk the place up, so it’s a match I’d prefer to forget. Then in the evening my better half and I delivered the neighborhood newsletter, which kicked in a couple of miles. All in all it was a good exercise day even if the tennis sucked.

Miles walked/run: 7.93 miles. Here’s the screenshot from my FitBit:


Miles remaining in challenge: 253.2. I’m ahead of schedule, but that’s a good thing because the next week features a lot of travel that will likely put a serious ding in my daily mileage.

Today’s sponsor: Piedmont Triad Apartment Association Food Drive. I’m very proud to work for an organization that has dedicated itself to helping address fundamental issues like food insecurity in our community.


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