Paying for Chicago, New York, LA, etc.

We North Carolinians seem to be taking Southern generosity to an extreme:

North Carolina taxpayers could spend more than $10 billion by 2022 to provide medical care for low-income residents of other states while getting nothing in return, a McClatchy Newspapers analysis shows.

Pennsylvania was trying to be just as nice, but then they changed gears:

Pennsylvania, which originally said no, got approval last week to use federal money for its own variation on Medicaid expansion, one that extends subsidies for private insurance to cover up to 600,000 of the state’s poorest adults. Arkansas and Iowa are using a similar approach.

But our fearless leaders in Raleigh seem to be working their way towards a redirection of our redistribution of wealth:
Don Taylor, an associate professor of public policy at Duke University, has been quietly pushing his own version of that plan for North Carolina. He says refusing the federal money results in “the redistribution of money from poorer states to richer ones, an outcome imposed by the poorer states upon themselves.”…

In North Carolina, “there will be an opportunity for a political deal,” Taylor says. “State flexibility in the ACA is a feature, not a bug.”

The Locke Foundation, which tends to land close to GOP leaders’ views, wants the federal government to award Medicaid money to states as a block grant, with North Carolina using it to support “a universal, refundable tax credit” to cover premiums, along with government contributions to individual health savings accounts.

You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to, whatever. Let’s just figure this thing out so we can cover our own butts, not just those wackos up north and out west.

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