2 thoughts on “Economists Talk Parenting

  1. Kristen Daukas

    I want to listen because I love Freakonomics. But I don’t have time. I’m busy raising my kids to be independent and to understand that they are NOT the greatest at everything they do.

  2. Jon Lowder

    The basic point is that a lot of what we spend our time doing – racing from practice to recital to scouts to practice etc – doesn’t really impact the end result that much. What does impact them is how kind we are to the kids and the DNA we contribute. And what’s an important component of being kind to our kids? Being kind to ourselves and not filling our calendars with enrichment activities the kids probably don’t like, say piano lessons, and create a ton of stress for kids and parents.
    Sounds like you might be on board with that. BTW the only way I could listen was to load it on my phone and play it during my commute. Even with 2/3 of the kids in college finding time is a challenge.


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