We’re Fortunate

Love this quote:
“We all know, deep down, that most of what we have is a product of good fortune. No matter how hard we work, we did not earn our functioning brains or the families into which we were born. We live in cities others created for us, organized by a government and protected by a military shaped by our predecessors. Yet we still point to our accomplishments and proudly proclaim, “I did this!” The well-off salve their consciences by assuring themselves that it is hard work and merit that brought them success, which also leads them to conclude that it is a lack of merit that keeps others from succeeding.” – Rabbi David Wolpe in the LA Times

1 thought on “We’re Fortunate

  1. Rachael Garrity

    Agree with the sentiment, of course, but think this goes a wonderful step further. By recognizing the contributions of both “government” and “military” he avoids being categorized as a bleeding heart. Gotta google and see what else he’s written.


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