Lonely Highways

My commute from home in Lewisville to work in Greensboro is spent primarily on I-40 and almost every day I pass the spot where a decomposed body was found today. As a pretty avid fan of mysteries (I grew up reading the Hardy Boys, became a fan of the Spenser novels in college, and have long been a devotee of Ross Thomas, Gregory McDonald, Elmore Leonard, etc.) it has occurred to me as I drive the highway that although thousands of people pass by every day, it's rare that anyone walks those grounds and thus the wooded areas between the exits would make a pretty good place to hide a body or many other kinds of wrongdoing. 

Along the same route there are also dozens of bridges and multiple creeks, and in at least a couple of spots it's pretty easy to imagine how someone could run off the road in the middle of the night and, if no one else is in sight when it happens, not be discovered for a very long time. We tend to think of those kinds of stories as happening in the Everglades or in rural, mountainous areas, but the nature of our interstates being what they are it can easily happen just about anywhere.

Food for thought during the drive home, eh?

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