Reduced Mental Effort Leads to Conservative Beliefs?

So, I'm reading this Freaknomics post and thinking, "If I repeat this out loud in my neck of the woods I might get my butt kicked" which of course prompted me to post it on a blog with my name on it for the world to see:

New research(summarized in the BPS Digest) finds that “low-effort” thinking about a given issue is more likely to result in a conservative stance…

The BPS Digest places the research in a larger context: “The finding that reduced mental effort encourages more conservative beliefs fits with prior research suggesting that attributions of personal responsibility (versus recognising the influence of situational factors), acceptance of hierarchy and preference for the status quo – all of which may be considered hallmarks of conservative belief - come naturally and automatically to most people, at least in western societies.”

FYI, I'm definitely posting this to Facebook so I can watch all my conservative friends get all twitchy. It's been at least two hours since one of them has blamed "Godless liberals" for the end America so I might as well get them kickstarted.

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