If Stupid People Organized

Scott Adams (the Dilbert dude) has a blog post where he asks a simple question – "What would happen if stupid people figured out how to organize their vast numbers into a cohesive political force?" – and then provides an example of people organizing around a stupid idea via change.org and points out that the organization is a tool for both good and bad:

I don't know if the good work that comes out of Change.org offsets the bad. In any case, I don't think free speech should be curtailed. My point is that Change.org is a tool that can empower both smart people and stupid people, and that only one of those situations is good. 

In my mind a big group of stupid people isn't all that scary because, well, they're stupid and as a result Darwin's Law will kick in sooner rather than later. At the other extreme an organized group of nutjobs, zealots and evil people scares the crap out of me for obvious reasons. But what really scares me are the kinda smart people in the middle – the folks who are smart enough to get things done, but not smart enough to realize they're tools – who enable one really talented nutjob to do bad things on a massive scale. 

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