One-World Influence in NC?

Spend enough time at town council, planning board, or other various and sundry municipal meetings and you'll hear your share of strange ideas. Over in Wake County they're apparently worried that a sustainable development study is really a cover for the "one-world" folks to infiltrate the county (h/t to Ed for the link):

A work session of the Wake County Board of Commissioners on Monday turned into a debate about whether proposals to control the county's rapid growth are part of a one-world movement to deny individual freedoms.

What ignited the debate was the work session's first order of business: a task force report on "sustainability" that recommends how Wake should approach its future energy and resource needs.

Paul Coble, chairman of the Board of Commissioners, used the topic to propose a Wake County property rights commission. He said it would ward off any chance that United Nations-style notions of sustainability could infringe on individual rights in Wake…

Audience member John Markham, of Knightdale, said at the meeting that the "one-world movement" quietly infiltrates local governments to influence their actions. Markham was one of several members of the Wake County Taxpayers Association, an anti-tax group, who attended.

"They sneak around and don't go up front," Markham said. "They will not approach the federal government."

Prediction – Individual property rights will take a sudden trip to the back seat when someone tries to build a strip club next to a church (or vice versa).

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