Rumor Mill – Trader Joes to Winston-Salem?!

SueMo has shared something on Facebook that I pray is not wishful thinking or a cruel joke: Trader Joe's coming to Winston-Salem in early 2013.  Could it be?

Seriously this is a definition of a rumor – SueMo shared the status of a friend on Facebook who'd received a text from her friend that works at Trader Joe's and who'd told her that Winston-Salem was on the company's "store bulletin."  So don't get too excited yet, but maybe we'll get confirmation from something more official – like Twitter.

BTW, I was just checking out the website and it appears that there's a Trader Joe's on the same road as our oldest son's apartment in Charlotte.  I feel like a total idiot now that I know we've been within a stone's throw of the place and didn't even know it.  Guess we've got another reason to visit him!

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