Dead Tree Dead Pool

skirt! Winston-Salem is going bye-bye according to its Facebook page:

Dear skirt! readers, advertisers, and advocates,

I write this letter with great sadness: The Winston-Salem Journal has decided that the December issue of skirt! Winston-Salem will be the last published. 

I want to thank you for your support over the last three — almost four — years. skirt! came to this city with no following, and while it didn't happen quickly, or easily, it did become part of the fabric of this city. 

It became part of you. 

You read it, you tore pages out for inspiration, you sent it to family members in other states — you loved it. And for that reason, this magazine was a success, despite its unfortunate ending.

The best to you and yours this holiday, and as always,
Peace, love, and skirt!,

Sara L. Wilson

I never read it because, well, I don't wear a skirt, but I'm always sad to see a publication die. I wouldn't shed a tear for the National Enquirer but it's a stretch to call it a publication so I guess that doesn't really count. 

It really is time to start a dead pool for all the local print pubs. 

1 thought on “Dead Tree Dead Pool

  1. Fec

    Yeah, we lost the Greensboro edition some time ago. Also, the N&R’s alternative mag, Go Triad, stopped being distributed on racks for free and is now only available in the paper.


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