Average Joe Sponsorships

Came across the video below that's all about a bike company deciding to sponsor 30 average, every day bike riders. This would be like Nike sponsoring 30 schlubs like me who play pickup basketball a couple of times a week and I think it's genius. The company gets a pretty cool viral marketing campaign and 30 of their customers get to feel like superstars.  

On a related note I've often wondered why people pay extra money for clothes with some designer's name splashed all over it.  If we had an ounce of sense we'd demand that they at least discount the items that have the logos splashed all over them since we're essentially walking billboards for the brand.  Yeah I know it's all about showing that you're cool enough to be in the cool-kid shirt club, or that you have enough scratch to afford to buy the cool-kid shirt club shirt, but I still think it's absurd.

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