Five Feet

Want to know the difference five feet makes? When the city/county water department comes out to your neighborhood and digs a hole and that hole is over the water main five feet from where the water line for your house connects to the main, and the water department shuts off the water where the hole is, you miraculously end up with water while all your neighbors on the other side of that hole have no water service at all.

Note to the water folks – if you’re going to shut off the water for a bunch of folks on Sunday evening you might want to let them know. A note on the door letting them know what you’re doing and giving them an idea of what lies ahead (nature of the work being done, time til water service is turned back on, etc.) would be a good idea.

2 thoughts on “Five Feet

  1. RLR

    We recently had some ‘issues’ with the City’s communication re: water service after a water main break near our home. We went about 8 hours on a Friday with no service – I was a little worried going into the weekend with no water! Thankfully, I have a friend who works for the City who was able to help me get more info.
    Great that you ended up WITH water!!!

  2. Jon Lowder

    Its amazing what a little bit of pertinent info will do to keep people satisfied if not happy.
    It was nice that we had water although we felt bad for our neighbors. My wife commented that this was the first time weve had something happen in our favor in this house and I think shes right.


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