Harper’s Weekly

One of my favorite reads is a free weekly email newsletter published by the folks at Harper's Magazine. Basically it's a bunch of disparate news items crunched into a few paragraphs, and instead of trying to describe it the best I can do is share one paragraph that I think is representative:

Despite having overestimated the U.S. federal debt by at
least $2 trillion, Standard and Poor's downgraded the
Unites States' long-term credit rating from AAA to
AA-plus, prompting one market analyst to warn, "This
crisis will run and run, and could make Lehman look like
a Tupperware party." In session for a total of 59
seconds, a skeleton crew of Senate Democrats ended a
partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration,
putting 4,000 employees back to work and allowing the
government to resume collecting $200 million per week in
airline-ticket taxes. Former New York gubernatorial
candidate Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High
Party and Oscar-winning actress Faye Dunaway faced
eviction from their rent-regulated apartments. "You
don't tell an American how to live," McMillan said to
reporters. "I hope you have a terrible life," Dunaway
said to her landlord. Governor Rick Perry, whose April
entreaty to his fellow Texans to pray for rain failed to
alleviate the state's devastating drought, led some
30,000 worshippers in the Response, a Christian prayer
gathering at Houston's Reliant Stadium. Though Perry and
others urged attendees to fast, concession stands sold
nachos and smoothies throughout the seven-hour event. A
San Angelo revivalist skipped lunch but bought a hot dog
around 4:00 p.m. "That's the agreement I made with God
earlier," he said.

You can get your own subscription here.

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