The Greatest Father’s Day Gift

Two days ago my wife, Celeste, received one of those phone calls you never want to get: one of our kids was in an ambulance headed to the hospital and the caller didn’t know anything beyond that. Even worse our child was at the beach which was a four hour drive away. Celeste called me and we tried to stay calm enough to figure out what to do. For the next half hour we didn’t know anything other than our baby girl Erin (okay she’s 17 years old) had been in a Jet Ski accident and no one could tell us if she was seriously hurt or if the ambulance was merely a precaution.

Eventually we got hold of the ER and the doctor was able to tell us that Erin was fine, but that she’d probably be very sore for a few days. He also said that she was a very lucky girl not to have been seriously injured. Celeste and I started our drive to the beach knowing that Erin would be okay and wondering how many of these scares we could take before we ended up in the hospital ourselves.

Today as we celebrate Fathers Day I can tell you that I’ve already received the greatest gift I’ll ever get: the health and happiness of my three kids. That’s the only gift I want or need and it is a gift I wish for every father out there.

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