Hopefully She Meant Intermission

Over at Life in Forsyth Esbee has a post titled The End in which she writes:

As some of you know and some of you have probably guessed, I have some ooky medical stuff going on, a tad more serious than I had hoped. I need to go deal with this and hoard the diminished energy I have for my sweet family. (Plus, hi? How many boring phonophotos of boring waiting rooms are you really interested in seeing?)

I'm very hopeful that I'll be all a-mend soon and able to return to Shangri-Winston tout de suite.

In the meantime, enjoy the pool*, enjoy the sand**, and remember to tip your cabana attendants well***.

I'll miss you.


* insert your favorite local manmade venue here
** insert your favorite local natural attraction here

Reading this made me sad and concerned for obvious reasons, but it also reminded me that it's been far too long since I've enjoyed a cup of coffee with my fellow DC transplant.  She's getting plenty of comments wishing her well, and for every one that's written I guarantee that there are at least three times that many people who have been entertained and informed by her blog that are sending well wishes her way.  Personally I'm just praying that The End really meant Intermission.

Get well Lucy.

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