The Heel from Dumfries

I ignore UNC hoops as much as possible.  Why?  Because I live in NC and am surrounded by Carolina fans in much the same way a day old bologna sandwich left on the counter overnight is surrounded by roaches, especially if those roaches happen to pregame with chardonnay and brie and cry like babies if someone says something mean about their baby blue uniforms.  

Anyway, my shunning of all things Heels is the reason why I'm just now realizing that UNC's latest phenom Kendall Marshall hails from the same small NoVa town that we lived in the 10 years before we moved to Winston-Salem.  Dumfries has produced some nice players over the years including Rolan Roberts (Va Tech/So Illinois in the 90s) and Cliff Hawkins (Point guard for Kentucky from 00-04).  FWIW, I like Marshall's game; too bad he has to play for the wrong team.

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