Pictorial Proof

I’m posting this mainly to prove to my friends and family that I did what I did today. You see, if you looked up “car guy” in the thesaurus I’d be the picture next to it’s antonym and my friends and family know this. So I need to document the fact that I spent the day working on my ’87 Dodge pickup with my neighbor. Here’s a sampling of what we did: took off the old two barrel carburetor and intake manifold to replace them with new ones; took off the water pump to replace it; took off the timing chain to replace it and broke the cam shaft in the process; made an unexpected trip to the store to order a new cam shaft; cleaned and painted a bunch of parts so we’ll be ready to put it all together when the cam shaft comes in on Monday.

Big shout out to my neighbor Mark for taking this on. Before we started today I couldn’t have identified anything under the hood that wasn’t the battery.

BTW, nice weather today huh?


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