Greensboro – Where Real Men Disappear Into a Swamp of Sensitivity

According to Redbox on "date night" more romantic comedies are rented in Greensboro than any other city in the country.  

Renting a higher percentage of romantic comedies from Redbox than any other city, Greensboro has earned the title of the most romantic city in America.

According to the national Redbox Date Night Survey of Redbox renters, Greensboro had the highest percentage of romantic comedies rented in 2010.

The only other city in the southeast that ranked in the company's top 10 is Tuscaloosa, Ala. at #3.

I shudder to think where Greensboro ranks in the sale of mani-pedis for men.

2 thoughts on “Greensboro – Where Real Men Disappear Into a Swamp of Sensitivity

  1. JohnAkerson

    Wow. Funny and unexpected.
    Sounds like 2010 was the year where Greensboro, North Carolina wore out When Harry Met Sally, Music and Lyrics, The Holiday, Made of Honor, Along came Polly, Love, Actually, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past… etc. Maybe things like Knocked Up, Wedding Crashers, The Hangover, and Old School count?
    Maybe later on the Triad can win a double crown when we Redbox the most slasher, suspense and horror films around Halloween?


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