Results of the Labor of Love at The Children’s Home

Last February anyone who reads this blog probably got a little tired of me constantly writing about the Labor of Love project the Triad Apartment Association (the organization that pays me to work for them for some reason) took on at The Children's Home.  Well, we had no idea that Fox 8 was going to do a story about how The Children's Home is using the building but it sure made our weekend when it aired.  

BTW, you'll note in the story that they're looking to renovate another floor so they can house more kids.  We actually fixed up every floor in the building, but my understanding is that there are lots of additional safety measures that have to be in place in order to move kids in.  They are looking for $10,000-$15,000 to get that done so if you want to help out you can do so by contacting The Children's Home, or if you want just drop me a note and I'll hook you up with the appropriate people at the Home.



That room that she mentions is her favorite?  Well it was my favorite too.  Here's a photo gallery of all the work that was done to get it to its current state:

2 thoughts on “Results of the Labor of Love at The Children’s Home

  1. George Bryan

    Thanks for the post. Labor of Love did a great job. The State’s restrictions are around several areas. bedroom doors upstairs need to be 1 hour fire rated as do the doors along the steps to up and down. a new fire wall needs to be built to the right of the entrance of Stutlz blocking the stairs. All exhaust vents need a fuseable damper where they penetrate floors. I have a detailed list is anybody can help. It is too bad the State didn’t mention these as we did a pre-walk through prior to the renovations!
    Thanks for everyone’s help.
    George Bryan – President, The Children’s Home


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