Using Social Media to Brainstorm Changes for North Carolina’s Government

Former Forsyth County commissioner and NC State rep Ted Kaplan is using Facebook to share ideas on how to reduce the state budget.  He's posting one suggestion a day and thus far we have:

Day 1:Increase tuition rates by 24% (at $4,400 we are the lowest in the land) and reduce the number of years to get a bachelors degree to 3. There may be some summer work. In total the tuition increase won’t cost student's more (less room and board too) but will allow for more students to get degrees.

Day 2:Today’s proposal: To consolidate the admissions offices of the University System. Each applicant sends in one application to the UNC system with a list of preferred schools. The applicant will get back a list of schools which best fits the student. This would reduce the costs for applications. There will be exceptions , athletics and scholarships. The costs of eliminating each schools admissions office and funding a new universal admissions office will save over $30 million and reduce paperwork.

He received over 40 comments on day one and already today, day two, he has five comments. If I was a state leader I'd be considering this as a method of getting some constituent feedback.

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