Foreclosure Map of Forsyth County

I'm going to warn you ahead of time that this is potentially a very depressing post.  Have you ever wondered how many houses in your area are in foreclosure?  No need to wonder.  Just go to Google Maps and do the following (found via Fec's blog):

Google Maps Foreclosure Listings

1. Punch in any US address into Google Maps.

2. Your options are Earth, Satellite, Map, Traffic and . . . More. (Select “More”)

3. The drop down menu gives you a check box option for “Real Estate.”

4. The left column will give you several options (You may have to select “Show Options”)

5. Check the box marked “Foreclosure.”

Below is a screen shot of a Google Map after I plugged in a Forsyth County, NC address and zoomed out.  Those aren't measles you're looking at.


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