Influence Explorer

The Sunlight Foundation has an interesting little project up and running that allows you to produce a postcard showing how different candidates' campaigns for Congress have been funded. You can even have the postcard mailed to friends or family before the election. Pictured is the postcard for NC-5 which features Virginia Foxx vs. Billy Kennedy:


Here's Foxx only:


And here's Kennedy only:


2 thoughts on “Influence Explorer

  1. A. Frost

    Jon- You should disclose to your readers that you are a contributor and supporter of Billy Kennedy, according to I think it is important if you are going to write about these candidates that you let the readers know your bias.

  2. Jon Lowder

    Well, Ive never made it a secret that Im not a fan of Rep. Foxx going back many years on this blog.  But its true that I contributed to Billy Kennedys campaign and I have no problem saying so.  If its of any interest to you Im also a supporter of Sen. Burr, but I havent given any money to his campaign because I think it would be like spitting in the ocean. 
    As for bias, Ill just point out that this is my personal blog and it is completely biased to my opinions.  I dont have an editorial board and Im not paid by anyone to write it; its truly a hobby in my mind.
    Thanks for reading and thanks also for the comment.


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