Endorsements for Kennedy

Billy Kennedy, the Democrat running for the seat in NC-5 against incumbent Rep. Virginia Foxx, has recently picked up two endorsements.  The first was from the Winston-Salem Journal, which isn't surprising since they'd probably endorse a cardboard cutout over Foxx.  The second, and in my opinion, more important endorsement came from Zach Galifianakis.  Don't know Galifianakis?  Well, he's the one-man wolf pack from The Hangover and native of Wilkesboro. From Mark Binker's post at the News & Record about the endorsement :

So why does Galifianakis care? He’s from Wilkesboro, for starters. His parents still live there. He owns property in the county. And he has deep family ties to the Democratic party. His uncle, Nick Galifianakis, served in the N.C. House and the U.S. House, and ran unsuccessfully against Jesse Helms for U.S. Senate in 1972. In fact, it was Nick Galifianakis’ Greek heritage that prompted Helms’ famous slogan: “Jesse Helms: He’s One of Us.”

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