Smitty Gets AARPed

I remember clearly the day my mother, who was in her 40s at the time, received her first mailing from AARP.  Let's just say she was none too pleased to be considered in the geriatric demographic.  I thought of that when I read this article about Smitty in Boom!  It's a very complimentary article, but being in your 40s and having your profile appear in a regular feature titled "Fifty & Fabulous" has to be a little disconcerting.

5 thoughts on “Smitty Gets AARPed

  1. Esbee

    Hey, Jon, do you remember the weathermen on TV in DC? How they would, during extreme weather, be it heat and humidity or snow storms, remind viewers to “check on any elderly relatives”? I LOVED calling my mom every time and telling her that’s what I was doing, well before she turned 50. Every time her reply was a laughing “Go to hell” and a hang-up.
    When she turned fifty, I signed her up for the Baskin Robbins “Silver Spoons Club” and she almost killed me.
    Good times, gooooood times…


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