Help Me Help the Hungry, or, About That Head Shaving Thing

 At the day job we're making a final push in our food drive.  We've collected food at apartment communities, we've hosted food collection drives at the Winston-Salem Dash and Greensboro Grasshoppers games and in general we've worked our rear ends off to raise food and cash for the hungry.  The drive ends August 24, and as some of you may remember I agreed a couple of months ago to shave my head if people would donate $1,000 for that purpose. Well we're still short (although my mother has made a valiant effort to see her oldest son's hair lopped off) so we've put together a little campaign to get us there.  If we make it I'll be getting my head shaved on the 24th at a little shindig we're hosting to recognize our largest food contributors.  Contributing is as easy as sending a text, so please take a moment to help feed the hungry.

And yes, our promotional concept was a total ripoff of the cute girl quitting via whiteboard hoax from earlier this week.

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