Shocker: Teens are Dense

Anyone who's the parent of a teen will read this story and say, "Well, duh." An excerpt:

Having been born into a world where personal computers were not a revolution, but merely existed alongside air conditioning, microwaves and other appliances, there has been (a perhaps misguided) perception that the young are more digitally in-tune with the ways of the Web than others.

That may not be true, as it turns out. A new study coming out of Northwestern University, discovered that college students have a decided lack of Web savvy, especially when it comes to search engines and the ability to determine the credibility of search results. Apparently, the students favor search engine rankings above all other factors. The only thing that matters is that something is the top search result, not that it's legit.

Just remember folks, just because today's teens grew up in a world where the internet has always existed doesn't mean that they miraculously grew a gland that gave them more common sense than the generations that preceded theirs.  Heck, they're just as dumb and narcissistic as we were, but now they're armed with the means to show the world what idiots they are.  In our day the only people subjected to our idiocy were our parents, neighbors and teachers.

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