The Press

From the Freakonomics blog I've learned that scientists who might be involved with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are being coached to deal with the press.  For my journalist friends out there does this sound like an accurate description of the press to you?

the IPCC also offers a background memo, produced by Resource Media, with tips for dealing with journalists. It describes journalists generally: “overworked,” “underpaid,” and “inquisitive” — but also “skeptical,” “jaded,” and “world-weary.” (Sounds about right to me.) It tells the researchers what journalists want (“something new,” e.g., or “something that moves them”) and offers advice for handling an interview, including preparation, focus, and communication style: “Don’t assume any level of knowledge. In most cases reporters know less than you think they do.” (Also sounds about right to me.)

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