I’m, Like, Gonna Be Famous

Esbee asked me to write about my experience test driving the Cheerwine Kreme filled Krispy Kreme so that she could post it on Life in Forsyth.  For my friends from out of town that's about as big-time as it gets around here.  

My thanks to Esbee for treating my treatise with a gentle editing pen.  

8 thoughts on “I’m, Like, Gonna Be Famous

  1. Yarddawg

    Hate to tell you this Jon. But speaking from personal experience, you ain’t going to be famous.

  2. Esbee

    Bad news: I’m not famous either.
    But Yarddawg did get a cushy Boovie garden speaking engagement out of his gig. Maybe you’ll get a doughnut tasting gig out of yours. Just hope the next one tastes better, hahahaha.


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