$10 for Your Favorite Charity Could Turn Into $10,000

Mybridges.net has a raffle ending on Wednesday that will net one charity $10,000.  That's cool, but here's what's REALLY cool.  When you buy a $10 raffle you get to choose a charity to dedicate it to, and $5 of it will go to the charity you choose whether it wins the raffle or not.  The winning charity is the one that gets the most "votes" or raffle ticket purchases dedicated to it.

So if you buy a $10 ticket on behalf of Second Harvest Food Bank then you know at least $5 will go to them, and if they win they'll get $10,000.  Since Second Harvest can get 12 cans of food (or seven meals) for every dollar that $5 will equal 60 cans of food or 35 meals.  That's pretty cool.

Visit mybridges.net for details.

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