Ready for the Raining of Frogs

I do believe the end of the world is nigh since Esbee has affiliated herself with a project that has a Facebook group.  She's looked down her nose at Facebook and Twitter for as long as they've existed so I can only believe that someone sneaked this into the mix behind her back.

BTW, Local Dish Winston-Salem features contributions from the uber-coolest ladies online in the Twin Cities.

2 thoughts on “Ready for the Raining of Frogs

  1. Esbee

    Nope. Not affiliated, or I’d post myself.
    I gave permission for any items she deems relevent to be reposted by SueMo, though. This project is her baby (and a really cool baby, to boot).
    No worries, I still disdain Facebook and Twitter. (Not really, I just lack the time or inclination to be any more online than I am already.)


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