When Kindergarteners Name Your Team

One of the things I like about minor league baseball is the fact that the teams have some t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e names.  I don't like the names as much as I like the cheap tickets and beer served in the bleachers, but I still find them quite entertaining.  Still, I have to wonder what the owners of the Giants' AA affiliate in Richmond were thinking: I give you the Richmond Flying Squirrels.

3 thoughts on “When Kindergarteners Name Your Team

  1. Yarddawg

    Meanwhile the Kinston Indians thrive with a name that, under no circumstances, could be used if naming a new team today.
    You’ll love this part Jon. The Indians play in Grainger Stadium. It was built in 1949 for $170,000. The land was donated. Grainger Stadium seats 4,100, and I graduated from high school there. Until the early 70’s, Grainger High School played both baseball and football there before the new school was built.
    A side note. In 1972 the NY Yankess and Mets played an exhibition game the day before opening day. Both Yogi Berra and Willie Mays were there. Willie played a few innings and Yogi was managing the Mets. This was a big deal for a town of 25,000 people.

  2. Dwight Defee

    I moved to Montgomery Alabama when I was in the third grade and graduated fron Robert E Lee High School there. Guess what the minor league baseball team was named…The Montgomery Rebels, of course.
    The Rebels ceased to exist in 1980 and Montgomery didn’t have a team until 2004. Are you ready for this name? How ’bout THE MONTGOMERY BISCUITS?
    Hell, that’s as bad as THE WINSTON-SALEM DASH. since our team is affiliated with the White Sox, why not Winston-Salem White-Sox (Logo W-S-W-S). Well it ain’t worse than Dash or Flying Squirrels or Biscuits.

  3. Jon Lowder

    Oh man Dwight you win the prize. Biscuits? Im trying to imagine a
    player telling his family and friends that his lifelong dream to play
    pro ball has been realized and hes leaving on the next flight to be
    a…Biscuit. Good gracious.


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