Spike Lee Says I’m a Dream Killer

Spike Lee made an appearance at Wake Forest University last week and among his comments was the following:

Quite often, young people allow themselves to be influenced too heavily by their parents, and wind up having life choices made for them, Lee said.

“Parents kill more dreams than anybody,” he said.

One of my oldest and closest friends has for years been called the "funsucker" by his wife and kids.  Personally I just see him as a proponent of reality-based parenting, but of course I've been accused of being a funsucker too so what do I know?

Now I can add "dream killer" to my resume.

5 thoughts on “Spike Lee Says I’m a Dream Killer

  1. Jon Lowder

    Not to mention providing food, water, shelter, clothing, etc. Sure, we can be sticks in the mud but generally its because we literally want whats best for our children.  To be accurate it would be better to say, Your parents have seen a lot and they will try to steer you away from risky ventures (like film making), but if youre passionate about what youre doing then dont let their concerns deter you.  Problem is, that doesnt sell too well to the college crowd.

  2. Mark Johnson

    I think “dream killer” is a bad rap. In most instances, a parent is trying to be “preventer of bloody noses and bruises”.
    Even more than that protective role, parents are also the teachers of discipline. Without discipline, there is no such thing as a dream-come-true.

  3. Jim Caserta

    My dad thought bloody noses & bruises built character…at least for me and my brother, less so for my sister.
    I think parents can enable a lot of risk-taking, at least of the financial sort, which is what Lee is really getting at. A lot of entrepreneurs come from at least comfortable means (Michael Dell & Bill Gates come to mind) where a couple years of work with nothing to show wouldn’t cause the same damage as if someone from modest means experienced the same setback.

  4. Jim Caserta

    I would hope that a college crowd at Wake would understand what opportunities their parents have provided for them.


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