Truly Thankful

Well, this has been one of those weeks that bookmark a life.  Since I haven't asked for her permission to write about her medical condition let's just say my Mom had an episode on Tuesday and it landed her in the hospital and after they've done a bunch of diagnostic work on her followed by a fairly routine procedure it looks like she'll be home on Saturday not much worse for wear.  While it was scary, I think it's one of those life occurrences that is just scary enough to remind you of what's truly important.  It also reminds you that life doesn't care if it's Thanksgiving week when it throws you a curve ball, and even on Thanksgiving Day hospital food ain't very good.

Let me just say that although it was largely spent in a hospital room this Thanksgiving was one in which I truly felt thankful.  I'm thankful to have my Mom around, I'm thankful that she has her significant other Bert around, and I'm thankful that her doctors were as methodical and diligent as they were even though my Mom begged and pleaded for them to release her, even temporarily, for Thanksgiving day.  I'm very thankful for the friends and family that offered support and love and I hope we all get the chance to come together to be thankful together soon.

Finally I'm thankful for the hours that Mom and I got to really talk to each other this week without distraction. That's a rare occurrence these days and I'm just sorry it took a stay in the hospital to give us the opportunity.  Hopefully we won't need another one before we do it again.

Love you Mom.

P.S.  I think Mom is going to be very thankful for Medicare.

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