17, 16 and 13

DSC_0362  KidsInWyoming

Over the last few years I've tried to write a post to each of my kids on their birthdays, but when Justin (our youngest) turned 13 last spring I decided that he would find it most embarassing and that I should probably cease and desist the practice until they're old enough to not be overly embarassed by their father.  Then last night I was thinking about Erin (our middle child) turning 16 today and I decided that embarassing the kids is part of my job description so they'll just have to get over it.

Of course I don't have to go into anything embarassing unless I really want to.  I don't have to post any embarassing pictures of them, and really there aren't any that I can think of since we never dressed them in lederhosen or leisure suits (that would be my cross to bear, thank you very much).  So I'll just tell you that it's truly a blessing to have three kids who are as bright and funny as these three, and that although they can drive a Dad to drink on many an occasion, they can cause a Dad to burst with pride on many more.  I can't imagine life without them, and I dread the day that Celeste and I will have to share them with the rest of the world.

Happy belated birthday Michael and Justin, and happy sweet 16 Erin.  Here's a blast from the past for a few giggles:

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