links for 2009-08-22

  • Why this recession is worse in terms of unemployment than other recessions since the Great Depression: more folks are staying unemployed longer. From the post: "The answer is that the welfare effect of unemployment depends on its duration. Society is worse off at 10 percent unemployment if that figure is concentrated on a small number of long-term unemployed than if it’s spread more evenly across the labor force. A few weeks of unemployment don’t exhaust savings and don’t lead to great depreciation of skills. A year of unemployment can do both."
    (tags: economics)
  • Good news if you're a jock in Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools: If your GPA falls under 2.0 you can still play for at least two more grading periods if you attend mandatory tutoring sessions, even if your GPA stays under 2.0. They're raising the bar I see.
    (tags: education)
  • "The fastest-growing segment of American higher education is now asynchronous or online learning—where the professor is in one place and the student in another, and not always at the same time. We’ve always disdained this as “not our way.” But contemporary technology has significantly narrowed the gap between distance learning (where teacher and student are apart in space or time) and traditional learning (where they are physically together). We are deluding ourselves if we think that the only truly effective teaching and learning occurs when all God’s children are in the same place."
  • Thanks to my buddy Dan for linking to this piece on the "digital bomb" that's about to go off in education.
  • You remember sandwich boards? You know, those ads that people would wear while walking in front of businesses on city sidewalks? Well, this guy is a natural "hairy sandwich board" for a body waxing service.

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